about me

志月かなで(Shizuka Kanade) <怪談師(Kaidanshi,Japanese ghost storyteller)>
I am from Sapporo, Hokkaido. Graduated from Hokkai Gakuen University.
I gather and talk about the ghost stories that actually happened in Tokyo, Japan.
Debuted in 2015 as a ghost storyteller. I also pursues various techniques in the expression of ghost stories, such as readings of classical literature, picture-story shows, and writing.
I also actively working on narration and voice acter.

I’m studying English now.
I want to go to America and England.
I would like to convey the wonders of Japanese ghost stories to all over the world.
First of all, I would like foreigners who come to Tokyo to know about the ghost story at the Tokyo Olympics.
Please contact kwaidangirl@gmail.com for media that will address me.